BCAM Membership Forms


Membership forms will be available May 10-Feb 15 of each year.


Individual Membership Form

- For Individuals. $25 for Head Varsity Coaches and $10 for all other coaches/non-coaches. 

School Membership Form

- $80 for TWO Head Varsity Coaches and up to 13 other coaches/non-coaches from one high school and its "feeder schools" (junior high and elementary).

Single-Gender High School Membership Form

- ONLY for "all boy" or "all girl" high schools.
- $40 for ONE Head Varsity coach and up to 7 other coaches/non-coaches.
- If your high school offers both boys AND girls basketball, then you must use the $80 form. Contact amy@bcam.org with questions.

College Membership Form

- $40 for either Women's or Men's College Coaching Staffs. (Use this form twice to register the entire college staff).
- ONE Head Varsity coach and up to 9 other coaches/non-coaches may register.

Lifetime Member Update Form

- Only for CURRENT lifetime members. An update is required once yearly (preferably in summer or fall).  
- NO NEW lifetime memberships are being offered at this time.