Flex Seeding and Equal Divisions Update

I am sorry to report that our Flex Seeding proposal for the boys and girls state basketball tournaments was voted down by the MHSAA Representative Council on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  Keith Guy (Muskegon AD and Boys Coach) and Kevin Pauga (Michigan State Assistant AD) presented the proposal at the Council meeting in Glen Arbor.

Our seeding committee was proactive in communication with the Council prior to the meeting and still believes that seeding without use of a human element is the most effective and fair way to seed the basketball tournaments.  While we understand the Council’s decision and are gathering their critical feedback, we are hopeful that we can work more closely with them and other groups to refine the proposal with the hopes it could be approved in time for the 2018-19 season.

BCAM will continue work with our seeding committee to refine both our strategy and proposal moving forward.  In helping further educate you and administrators both about the proposal, we have attached the two-page proposal as it was presented to the Council for your review.  We have also attached sample brackets of what the 2017 state tournaments for both boys and girls in all four classes may have looked like using this model.  We welcome the feedback and want dialogue to continue.  Details of our plans will be presented in future Monthly Reports and will be available online atwww.bcam.org.

While the seeding proposal was unsuccessful, BCAM is thrilled to announce that the proposal for equal divisions in basketball and volleyball passed and will begin in 2018-19.  Jay Green (Kingston H.S.) did an outstanding job putting together and presenting this important legislation.

Also, due to conflicting dates between the MSU Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament and the MHSAA Girls State Finals, the 2018 girls' finals will take place at the 5000 seat Calvin College Van Noord Arena in Grand Rapids. 

Tom Hursey – Executive Director – BCAM