Reaching Higher

Nominations must be submitted NO LATER THAN February 24.

Note: The event is open to current high school juniors and younger who have the potential to play basketball in college.

You do not have to be a head varsity coach to make a nomination, and you may nominate players from other teams besides your own. (But please have at least some basic stats to include with your nomination if the nominee is not your player.)

Schools are generally listed alphabetically by city of location, but could also be under the School Name without the City first, so check both. If you do not see your school on the list, please contact before continuing.

Please fill out the fields as completely as possible. Incomplete forms may not be accepted. Missing stats will be a disservice to your nominee and may affect whether or not they are selected to participate.  Stats given should be season-to-date.


After successfully submitting this nomination, you will receive a thank you message and the option to return to this form. If you would like to nominate another player, please do so at that time.

If your email address is correct, you will immediately be sent an email confirmation of your submission. If you do NOT receive a confirmation, then we may NOT have received your nomination form. This confirmation email is your only proof that we received the nomination. Please make sure you get one, and keep it until after the selections are published.

Please double check your information before submitting. You will not be able to edit your information after you hit SUBMIT.