Reaching Higher 2018


* Selected players were mailed an invitation letter (to their school's athletic office) on April 18th from the MHSAA office.  Those same player's head coaches were also contacted via email on April 18-19th by the BCAM office.  May 5, 2018 Update: --- BOTH EVENTS ARE FULL (WE HAVE 100 PLAYERS FULLY REGISTERED AND PAID FOR EACH EVENT). No more registrations will be taken. If you partially registered for the event, but did not finish, then you did NOT secure a spot in the showcase.
We are back!   After a one-year hiatus and after looking at a number of options, we have a number of changes to announce with the 2018 MHSAA-BCAM Reaching Higher Showcases:
  • The Showcases will take place on Tuesday, July 17th @ Milford High School. The BOYS event will take place from 11 AM to 3:15 PM. The GIRLS event will run from 3:00 - 7:15 PM
  • It will be a NON certified event - which means that Division 2, Division 3, JUCO and NAIA College Coaches may attend.  We hope to attract 70+ college coaches to the one day event.
  • The event will include skill sessions, a parent program & an 8 team tournament.
  • Players will play 3 games in front of college coaches
  • We will have a Pro/College Keynote Speaker - Travis Bader will be our speaker at the event. Travis currently plays for Faros Larissas of the Greek Basket League. He played college basketball for Oakland University. Bader is the NCAA career leader for three-point field goals and field goal attempts.
  • There will be a $30 charge for players to attend.
  • This event is open to current high school juniors and younger, who have the potential to play college basketball.
  • The player nomination period will run from January 8, 2018 - Saturday, February 24, 2018.
  • Selected players will be contacted (coach will be contacted) in April via mailed letter to their player's school. Selected Players will be asked to "Accept" or "Decline" their invitation to attend. More players may be invited as some "decline" their invitations.
  • Reaching Higher Basketball Experience


    Because of special school rules to limit coaches’ compensation, national travel and live television, it is less apparent in Michigan than in some other parts of the country; but there is widespread opinion that amateur basketball is out of control in America.  That it’s in shambles, operating too much outside of school/college control, but in the hands of corporate interests and unregulated agents.  That it’s jeopardizing skill levels and team play so much that we are failing in international play.  That it’s jeopardizing the amateur status of players and the integrity of contest results.  There is a sense that the sickness of boys and men’s basketball is infecting the purer women’s game as well as lower profile sports.

    Because the elite athlete has not been the primary focus of school sports, interscholastic athletic administrators have avoided designing special programs for specially gifted student-athletes.  More recently, however, there is the growing opinion that there is some danger that the corruption of the college recruiting process in basketball is spreading to other sports and settling to younger and younger athletes each year.  Preserving the health and integrity of interscholastic athletics generally may require a more proactive approach to this special population of players.

    The “Reaching Higher” program is the name given to Michigan’s effort.  It includes not only the basketball event to provide assistance in a safe, inexpensive, educational environment to those who may have potential to play intercollegiate basketball at some level; but in time the program will involve other initiatives to help establish, maintain and strengthen the link between youth and schools. To have youth players aim to play for their school team and have high school players focused on their school team and their educator/coach more than non-school programs.

    Because this is a joint effort of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan, the “Reaching Higher” experience is also strengthening the strong bond between two organizations that have the best interests of schools and students at heart, and together they may be establishing a model for other high school sports in Michigan.